The key element here is the means to obtain grant funding for capacity building in areas of ICT and to grow a business or incubate an idea.

An assessment of the local environment was conducted and based on the results, support for human capacity building inclusive of training and certifications will be delivered in data operations CVQ level 1 and 2 for teachers ???, training in medical billing and coding, training in Animation, programming, firmware development and more. Educational Training as well as other institutions will be invited to bid for the delivery of the different training areas identified.

A virtual business incubator would be implemented and refurbishment work to a section of the national library to house the incubator’s “brick and mortar” location is schedule to begin during 2015Approximate 60 individuals or businesses with business ideas or existing business with the aim to grow and sustain their operations will have the opportunity to apply for grant funds from XCD20,000 toXCD150,000. Procedures for obtaining the grants were developed to ensure transparency and fairness in the evaluation, selection and distribution of the grant funds. The activities will complement the enabling environment, to ensure that the citizens of Grenada obtain value from the Governments investment in CARCIP.

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