The Grenadian government has identified ICT as a driver for growth, employment, and economic diversification, with the ultimate goal of leveraging the transformational power of ICT in increasing economic growth and the reduction of poverty. Government has demonstrated this through the identification of ICT as one of the five (5) pillars for consolidation and recovery. The decision to give ICT such prominence is supported by recent research which reveals that a 10% increase in broadband penetration in developing countries can have an impact of close to 1.4 % in increase in GDP per capita. To this end; there has been significant investment in ICT and ICT related projects. One such project is the Caribbean Regional Communication Infrastructure Program (CARCIP).

The Government of Grenada along with St. Vincent and the Grenadines and St. Lucia have agreed to participate in the first phase of this regional programme designed to facilitate the connectivity to regional broadband networks through submarine cable and terrestrial infrastructure. CARCIP which was officially launched on May 22nd 2012 is a US$10,000,000, five (5) year ICT project designed to take advantage of the innumerable opportunities available in that sector globally.

CARCIP through its three components has the mandate to provide increased access to regional broadband networks and advance the development of an ICT-enabled services industry.

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