AThe CARIFORUM member states have been faced with the daunting task of remaining current and viable in this new world economy. A loss of preferential treatment for crops such as bananas on the world market has all but seen the demise of the agrarian economy. This shift coincides with the burgeoning of the IT sector and the realization that this industry provides an almost infinite number of jobs worldwide. This new industry is not limited by geography but solely by the availability of bandwidth and appropriately trained and certified personnel.

The development objective of CARCIP is to increase access to regional broadband networks and advance the development of an ICT enabled services industry in the Caribbean Region. The program proposes an integrated approach for facilitating growth of the ICT sector, focusing not only on issues related to access, but also incorporating the other elements needed to enable ICT utilization and promote private sector interest. The project is being implemented within the following three component:
1) Regional Connectivity Infrastructure
2) ICT Led Innovation
3) Project Implementation Support



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